Conference Credit Information

2018 USOE Licensure Points or SUU Credit

Conference attendees are eligible for only ONE type of credit, either USOE Licensure points, or Southern Utah University credit. Choose one of the following options:
1) USOE Licensure Points: There are up to 12 licensure points available for conference attendees and up to 22 for presenters. There is no cost for licensure points. To obtain licensure points, complete the on-line assignment form:
formThis assignment form will be active and accept responses
starting on July 11, 2018
2) SUU Credit: 1 SUU credit is available (IELP 5531). There is a $21 ($22 if by credit card) cost for the SUU credit. In order to obtain the SUU credit you need to do the following:
a. Attend ten one hour presentations or a combination of one and two hour presentations to total 10 hours
b. Attend both keynote addresses
c. Complete the on-line assignment form
formThis assignment form will be active and except responses
starting on July 11, 2018
d. Complete and submit the SUU registration form to NUES at the conference, or
formdownload and complete the digital form and e-mail it to
e. Submit a check made payable to NUES for $21,
or follow the online instructions and make a $22 credit card payment via the NUES on-line merchant account - make sure in the drop down menu you select the Utah Rural Schools Conference SUU Credit option and put in course name.(IELP 5531)